Bespoke Lighting

BRITLUX are happy to develop bespoke lighting solutions for any project.

You may have decorative fittings that you wish to update to low energy LED, or have an unusual design feature that you won’t find a solution for ‘off the shelf’.

Examples of our recent work include retrofit fittings into existing traditional fixtures, clean room and food grade lighting utilising retrofit diffuser systems.  These solutions have saved clients a great deal of money through both the fixtures themselves and by avoiding downtime.

Our ability to design architectural fixtures has enabled us to create a 3m diameter circular ring with 300 LED’s, stair rails with integrated LED and ‘invisible’ architectural edge lighting.

BRITLUX LED panels provide versatility, not seen elsewhere in the market. Made wiith DiBond composite aluminium, these are hardwearing and won’t flex. Our LED’s can be inserted into the panel in any configuration. The panel itself can be designed to any size or shape and can be affixed to a flat ceiling where no suspended ceiling is available.

These products have an unlimited range of uses, ideal for office, hotels, high end accommodation, retail, education and cultural exhibits to name a few.